Brookstone Property

Brookstone is a full service real estate development company. We specialize in the entire lifecycle of a real estate project commencing with site acquisition, conceptualization, leasing/sales, securing financing and construction management to delivery and facilities management. We leverage 25 years of management experience to deliver best in class development services within our projects. Our principals’ track record includes residential, commercial and retail across various markets in Nigeria valued at over $400M.

We use our signature B.E.S.T. development management approach, (Best Practices, Execute Perfectly, Superior Returns, and Transformative Project) to deliver a development that meets the highest standards of quality, and will leverage our management experience, having executed larger scale residential developments. We use a yield driven approach to achieve a development’s highest and best use. At Brookstone, our focus is maximizing shareholder value while achieving unparalleled client satisfaction.


ANA Designs

In the words of philosopher Jim Rohn, “Whatever good we build, ends up building us”….. This line truly lends credence to the relationship driven consulting which ANA prides itself in.

Through its inception and maturity, ANA’s relationships have been built on trust and hard work. This ethos allows the company to research, review and deep dive into the stated and unstated needs of the client, and the context built for every single project.

The company leverages the skills of their multifaceted team, and investments in high technology, to provide a seamless and well-rounded design and engineering solution.

While maintaining a high standard, the firm has consciously kept away from “standard solutions”. Each location, context and project is unique, and they leverage evolving technology as well as research and analysis driven design to design, optimize and deliver projects.


LeLaw Barristers & Solicitors

LeLaw is a niche commercial law firm, passionately committed to helping clients succeed and make positive, enduring impact in their communities. The team is multi specialist and multidisciplinary. Leveraging experience with leading Nigerian/ multinational professional services firms, the company understands clients’ business issues and focus on anticipating, and crafting cost effective, bespoke solutions.

LeLaw’s Real Estate (RE) practice is underpinned by the LeLaw Process – the proprietary methodology for providing diverse services to clients across the RE value chain. The company leverages deep sectoral expertise, thorough understanding of Nigerian legal tax and regulatory framework, plus strong regulatory relationships in providing RE Services.

LeLaw actively contributes to national discourse on topical RE issues, evidenced by influential articles by its staff in leading media.